The Anglican Parish of Upham

2011 Parish Assessment

Where do we want to be:

1. More people in the pews
2. More children in Sunday School
3. More tithing
4. Fund raising
5. More visiting clergy & lay
6. Children involved in mission and outreach
7. Everyone in the congregation attending bible Study
8. Church van
9. Spirit filled worship “in the spirit”
10. All 4 churches open and filled year round
11. Everybody in the parish feeling needed and appreciated welcomed and loved
12. Social events/fellowship
13. Parish missions – community focus on those in need
14. Telephone committee/visit for staying in touch – growing congregation
15. Prayer chain
16. Communion for shut ins
17. Plumbing – Smithtown – Holy TrinityNew Washroom

Three most important:
Group #1
- Build the congregation
- Community events
- Include welcome, reach out, open to everyone, turn no one away, make everyone feel appreciation

Group #2
1. Follow the example of Christ
a. Study the word of God more
b. More prayer
2. Continue to be open and supportive + especially non judgmental to others i.e. the community in general
3. More social events just for socializing + getting to know each other better

Group #3
More people in the pews
Better + more personal communication system
More functions/community events to bring the community together

Group #4
More communication between the minster and the congregation
More regular tithing and more people in the church every week
More emphasis on local missions i.e. local food bank, school breakfast programs, look after elderly &; shut ins

Group #5
1. Youth – mission & camp; outreach – let youth suggest their own projects
2. Fill the church – get to know your neighbor – do info packet to inform neighbors about our church
3. Tithe

People in pews
a. Bring a guest Sunday/month
b. Community events
c. Welcome Back Sunday
d. Develop/deliver info package
e. Mission/outreach (community/youth) Guest speakers
f. Christ-centered worship, Bible Studies/prayer, music ministry

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