The Anglican Parish of Upham

2010 Parish Faith in Action Audit

Parish Faith in Action Audit 2010

• Paid allotment to diocese in full
• Parish represented at all Archdeaconry meetings
• Marian fulfilled her diocese responsibilities: PWRDF Committee, AST Senate & retired from Coverdale Board at its annual meeting in June.

Broader Church:
• Marian fulfilled her responsibilities on the board of CFGB & as is now a member of the Executive
• Parish hosted Juan from Guatemala early May (CFGB) & Sooriya from Sri Lanka early June (PWRDF) Both visitors spoke to the parish at Sunday services and at the Coffee House about the situation in their country.
• We are expecting a visitor, Terrance from Zimbabwe in April
• Completed year 3 of the CFGB Growing Project

Beyond Our Doors (Broader community & the World):
Monthly breakfast- served between 70-120 people/month (Special thanks to Phillip and the crew)
Annual Turkey Supper – served 424 suppers (Special thanks to Barb Blakney and all who worked on the dinner and donated food.)
The Tube: (Special thanks to Bud and the Mission & Outreach Team)
January – Canadian Bible Society
February – Canadian Bible Society
March – Hampton Middle School Food Program
April - Hampton Middle School Food Program
May – Send kids to Camp Medley
June - Send kids to Camp Medley- were able to support 4 youth
July – Supported ACW Pennies for Paul Campaign
August – Supported ACW Pennies for Paul Campaign (Bishop McAllister School)
September – Hampton Foodbasket
October – Hampton Foodbasket
November - Sussex Vale Transition House
December - Sussex Vale Transition House
• Growing Project – adults prepared the garden, adults, youth & Sooriya our visitor from Sri Lanka, planted the garden and Sooriya spoke to the planters over lunch after. The youth and adults made and sold jars of pickles (parishioners also made and sold pickles and jams and pie - thanks to them as well) Special thanks to Phillip & Neil Sherwood, David Bevans, Mike & Maryanne Kellar, Deanna Corner, Marga Norris, Bernadette Fowler, Kim Rogers, Wendy Pollock and anyone else who helped the kids plant or pickle. Thanks to jenny Fowler for lending the youth group her stall at the Hampton Farmer’s Market.
• CFGB Lenten Youth Group Retreat – End Hunger Fast (Special thanks to Bernadette, Wanda, Carolyn, Terry, and who did I forget???)
• Thanks to CFGB for sending Juan from Guatemala and the parish for welcoming him. Special thanks to Les for touring him during his stay and the youth for the BBQ and inviting him to speak at the Coffee House.
• Total contributions to CFGB in 2010 were over $800.
• PWRDF Envelope Campaign raised $840
• Special thanks to Georgie Crawford our PWRDF rep for her work this past year.
• Thanks to Anne Walling and Dale Cook and everyone who contributed to and supported the Adult Lenten Retreat called Empty Vessels, Enough for All.
• Congratulations to Jenny Fowler on her appointment to the 50 Leaders Program
• Thank to the youth for motivating the adults to participate in the Lenten practice that helped increase our understanding of the work of PWRDF
Bishop McAllister School - $453 was raised by the ACW with the support of the Mission and Outreach Team
Community Outreach:
• Parish breakfast & Turkey Supper (Thanks to Barb & crew)
• Fashion Show at Holy Trinity Hall (Thanks to Anita & crew)
• Hosted Fall Craft Sale at Holy Trinity Hall (Thanks to Back to Basics)
With Presbyterians in Barnesville:
• Family Movie Night the last Friday evening of the month. (Special thanks to Amy Rogers, Eileen McAndrews, Marga Norris, Kathy Doyle, Matthew Dupuis & Bernadette Fowler )
• Assisted the Presbyterians with Canada Day celebrations. Special thanks to Michael & Maryanne Kellar, Shawna Allaby and others
Other Ecumenical & Community Activities
• Tuesday Morning Bible Study (Special thanks to Alma Erb)
• Prayer Quilt (how many so far???) (Special thanks to Anita LeBlanc and all who worked on the quilts)
• Youth Group (Thanks to the many leaders too numerous to mention, but special thanks to Matthew Dupuis and Bernadette Fowler.)
• Promote events for our neighbour churches through Enews and Community Calendar
• Drama Club: Thanks to the kids who did a marvelous job acting, the adults who helped and the community who supported them.
• World Day of Prayer
• Upham Youth Group 2nd Tuesday of the month the first six months of 2010
• Thanks to the Hampton Curling Club for allowing us to use the rink for a family curling night
• Fire Department Chaplin
• Those who provide informal but important needed support to others
Assisted with Community Communications - Monthly Community Calendar & Enews – to promote activities in the parish and build community, spreading the word about the activities of our ecumenical partners and the broader community.
Spring Coffee House – Bi-annual event – support for WI Hall & Hampton Food Basket – (Special thanks to the musicians, Shawna Allaby, Jenny Fowler, all members of the youth group and adults who were involved.)
It’s Great to Be a Girl! – Thanks to Katurah Fowler for the idea, to the Mission & Outreach Committee for its support, to the nurses from the Sexual Health Centre and to the mums and girls who attended.

Within our parish:
Spiritual life:
• Regular Sunday morning worship – special thanks to the Altar Guild, layreaders, musicians, acolytes (servers), greeters and counters etc
Occasional services: Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals, Home communions, Anointing & other
• Special Seasons and Holy Days: Saints Days, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Holy Week, Easter & Saints Days
• Other times of gathering for worship and learning: layreader’s sessions, altar guild sessions etc
• Bible Studies
• Lenten Retreat Day
• Special events such as Hanging of the Greens, Lessons & Carols, Fun in the Son!, Cemetery Services & Gospel Evening Prayer & Back to Church Sunday
Children & Youth Programs
• Sunday School
• Drama
• Bowling
• Curling
• Epiphany Sliding party
• Fast for Change Lenten Retreat
• Maundy Thursday Prayer Vigil
• Coffee House
• End of year overnighter
• Diocesan Youth Conference (DYC)
• Youth Group Bottle Drives and Yard Sale Table
• Youth Group and/or Movie Nights
• Cookie Making
• Pickling
• and other activities
(Thanks to all who supported the youth group in so many ways – Special thanks to the regulars: Lynne Allaby, Cherie Lake and Marsha Hanlon for their roles with Sunday School, other youth leaders: Krista Saunders, Deanna Corner, Wendy Pollock, Janice Daigle Perry, Marga Norris, Eileen McAndrews, Amy Rogers, Janice Perry, Marlene Dupuis, Terry Fowler, Bob Belyea, Bernadette Fowler and everyone who was there to help. Thanks also to the people who regularly support the youth group financially.)
Stewardship of Property:
• Work parties at St. Andrew’s (Thanks to the 40+ people who showed up)
• Work party at holy Trinity (Thanks to the “elves” who magically appear to maintain the building)
• Thanks to those at St Barnabas and St Peters who work to maintain those properties
• Thanks to the people who inspect and maintain the rectory (Special thanks to Arnie for maintenance and plowing this winter and Billy Allaby for plowing most storms last winter)
• Thanks to those who work to maintain the cemeteries.
Thanks to all those who lead and are involved with groups and organizations and all ministries within the parish: (including ecumenical groups)
Vestry Members
Synod Delegates & Alternates
Altar Guild
Mission & Outreach (including PWRDF Rep & CFGB growing project)
Youth Groups & Drama
Sunday School
Bible Studies
Breakfast Team
Canadian Bible Society Rep
Music Ministry
Property Maintenance
Cemetery Committees
Prayer Quilt
Coffee House
Fall supper

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